Winter rod "Shallop-3"
Winter rod "Shallop-3"
Winter rod "Shallop-3" Winter rod "Shallop-3" Winter rod "Shallop-3" Winter rod "Shallop-3" Winter rod "Shallop-3"

Winter rod "Shallop-3"

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Winter rod "Shallop-3"

Side winding of a scaffold.

Weight - 5 gr

Length - 95 mm

Width - 49 mm

Thickness - 5 mm

It is applied at running fishing. With application of a removable leg, use at stationary catching is possible. Dredging on the top part of the case allows to optimize length of the used scaffold.

At a catch of fish, it is convenient to hold a rod on the fingers pushed in a case opening. In this case, the rod should not be thrown back aside. Such way saves time, reduces risk of complication and hooks of a scaffold for edges of ice and snow.

The producer reserves the right to change color, the drawing of painting of a product without changing the announced specifications.

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Отличное решение по быстрой замене снасти. Класс!