Winter rod "Shallop-10"
Winter rod "Shallop-10"
Winter rod "Shallop-10" Winter rod "Shallop-10" Winter rod "Shallop-10" Winter rod "Shallop-10"

Winter rod "Shallop-10"

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Winter rod "Shallop-10"

Two neodymium magnets which are the friend opposite to the friend are built in the coil and the case of a rod, but at the same time between them there is a gap which is a magnetic axis. To record rotation of the coil, the clamp is provided.

Thanks to exact calibration at installation of magnets, the arisen magnetic axis allows to rotate freely to the coil, and magnetic forces extinguish inertia at rotation and the coil stops right after the termination of the movement of a scaffold. It allows to exclude formation of loops and overlaps.

Magnetic forces evenly press the coil to a seat that provides smooth rotation.

In case the coil when winding by mistake is rotated to the opposite side, the loop which easily without removal of the coil can be removed can be formed, having pulled for a scaffold which will slip between two magnets without formation of a loop.

At a bite of large fish, magnetic forces work as a friction clutch, stopping the coil and not allowing to be unwound freely to a scaffold at strong breakthroughs. Holding a rod, a hand it is possible to fix force of pressing of the coil and thus to provide the necessary tension of a scaffold.

Magnetic forces reliably fix the coil in a seat, but at the same time the coil easily, one movement is removed in case of need replacements.

Weight - the 13th gr.

Length - 95 mm

Width - 50 mm

Thickness - 8 mm  

It is applied at running fishing. With application of a removable leg, use at stationary catching is possible.

The closed coil, additional side winding of a scaffold.

Upon fast transition from a hole to a hole it is convenient to use additional side winding of a scaffold.

The closed form of the coil provides the maximum protection against hit of snow and moisture.

The producer reserves the right to change color, the drawing of painting of a product without changing the announced specifications.

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Отличное решение по быстрой замене снасти. Класс!