"Jay-5M" with a plumb line

"Jay-5M" with a plumb line

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     The Jay-5M signaling device with a plumb line is attached to the rod post. The design allows you to create tension when using feeders weighing from 30 to 150 grams. The signaling device is installed on a plumb line in the holder and fixed with a ring made of wear-resistant rubber. If necessary, the signaling device can be removed from the plumb line and installed on the rod blank. "Jay-5M" is used to indicate the bite of fish in summer when bottom (feeder) fishing and in winter when fishing from ice at night and during the day. Switching the indicator on or off is done by pressing the button. To change the parameters of the signaling device, press and hold the button. Pressing the button is accompanied by sound signals, which correspond to the modes and parameters of the signaling device. Releasing the button after a certain sound signal means the selection of the corresponding parameter. The selected settings remain in the device memory until they are forced to change. The alarm provides protection against false alarms from wind, waves and algae.


     The energy-saving circuit will automatically turn off the alarm after three hours if no signals are received. For quick and convenient battery replacement, the housing of the signaling device consists of two halves, which are screwed together. The capacity of one battery lasts from 3 to 5 years of product operation. The signaling device is sealed, has positive buoyancy, and is not afraid of moisture.


Decoding of signaling device signals during setup.

Download instructions for replacing batteries


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Сигнализаторы оправдали ожидания на 100%. Спасибо.


Добрый день. Хотела бы поблагодарить вашего менеджера консультанта.
Были вопросы по сигнализатору поклёвки Сойка 5. Позвонила, сразу мне никто не ответил,но где-то через минут 10, перезвонила девушка.
На все мои вопросы,мне чётко коротко и главное доступно объяснили. Спасибо за оперативность.


Мега сигнализатор!!! Сам вырубается после подсечки, показывает где пропустил поклёвку, пищит по одному разу на каждое движение. Теперь всем рекомендую только такой сигнализатор.

Админ: для Валерия

Да, батарея сменная. Смотрите обзор на youtube.com


Батарейки меняются или нет?


Хорошо. На зимнем фидере удобно ловить. Колокольчик не надо ставить.