Electronic bottom lure for peaceful fish
Electronic bottom lure for peaceful fish
Electronic bottom lure for peaceful fish для рыбалки Electronic bottom lure for peaceful fish для рыбалки Electronic bottom lure for peaceful fish для рыбалки Electronic bottom lure for peaceful fish для рыбалки Electronic bottom lure for peaceful fish для рыбалки Electronic bottom lure for peaceful fish для рыбалки

Electronic bottom lure for peaceful fish

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Electronic baits it is applied to ground fishing in the summer and in the winter. The device imitates fluctuations of a crank and other live ground organisms which are the main forage for fishes, and also sounds of a mastication of a forage pharyngeal teeth. In addition attracts fish with light blinking with a frequency close to a luminescence of sea plankton. Radius of action of a feeding trough to 50 meters (depending on a species of fishes).

The device does not demand additional settings.

The feeder is delivered with the basis from stainless steel. The basis serves for increase in weight and in need of use of grousers on a strong current.

To bring grousers to the working condition, it is necessary to remove the basis and to unbend them on a corner of 45-60 degrees.

For installation (removal) of the basis it is necessary to turn off two screws. It is recommended to establish the basis when using a feeder at depths more than 30 meters. Water pressure at such depths the big and metal basis strengthens design durability. To a scaffold the feeder fastens by means of a fishing carbine through an opening in the basis. Other opening can be applied to installation of the sliding feeder or accession of additional freight.

If the feeder is used without the basis, then for installation of a tackle the built-in clockwork ring is used. This ring can be removed, having turned off the screw. After removal of a ring, this screw should be twirled.

The weight of the basis is 20 grams, feeder weight without the basis of 40 grams.

The feeder begins to work at once at immersion in water and is switched off at extraction from water.

 It is possible to check operability of a feeder, having lowered half a part of the case where there is no clockwork ring. The feeder has to make weak continuous sounds in the form of clicks.

Feeder resource at permanent job more than 1200 hours (several years of operation). Replacement of batteries it is not provided. The attempt to independently replace batteries can lead to depressurization of the device and as a result of an exit it out of operation.


                                                                      Our recommendations about use of an electronic feeder.

The fluctuations published by a feeder influence a sideline of fishes, force to keep near a feeder and to look for a ground forage. For more effective catching, we recommend to use two and more ground tackles. In this case, at extraction of one feeder from water, the pack will not leave the place of fishing, will make movements from one feeder to another. Radius of action of a feeder about 50 meters (depending on a species of fishes).

During fishing, with application of an electronic feeder, we do not recommend to use baiting mixtures. Fish "is as if programmed", adjusted on search of live organisms, and other lure will only distract her. Besides the trifle which approached on lure will prevent fishing. It is better to apply a bait on a hook in the form of worms, a crank, a maggot, etc. An evident sign of activization of fish around action of a feeder is emergence of vials of air on a water surface.

After sea fishing, surely wash out a product in fresh water.

Tests on summer and winter fishings showed high efficiency.


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Проверил по первому льду, улов не большой, в основном мелочь, но со дна брала, только у меня. Ожидал от неё трофеев.


Старые приманки работали не плохо, эту буду тестировать зимой. Интересные функции настроек, но, главное эффективность. Посмотрим.